Posted 9 months ago
My boyfriend works at a cooling plant for both organic and non organic produce. Both are sprayed with pesticides, and organics are sometimes sprayed with more pesticides because they sometimes don't work. They are all stored together, so really, unless you grow your own food, it doesn't make a difference
exxxning asked

Well, I’m not sure it’s accurate to say that it doesn’t make a difference.
That’s like saying there’s no point walking to work if you ride the subway home.
Organic produce may (or may not) be contaminated during storage (I don’t know the practices of every facility) but in the event that it is, you would still be lowering your exposure to chemicals by avoiding the ones used during production.

Posted 9 months ago
Hi Frances! I know I've seen you do a wash/soak to all of your produce upon purchase, my question is, if I buy non organic produce and wash them the way you do, will it help? My friend is saying to not even bother and just go for organic. It's a little out of the way but if push comes to shove, I'll make the extra trip. Thank you!
szagold asked

It will help remove surface contaminants, but that may not get rid of everything, particularly for produce where you eat the skin as well, like apples.
Check out my post on the dirty dozen and the clean fifteen for the ones that are rated the safest and the most dangerous in regards to pesticides etc.

However, as I like to say, the fruits and vegetables that are the healthiest are the ones you will actually eat. Whether that means you belong to a local, organic CSA, or whether it means you eat green beans out of a can.
So, if organic is out of reach for you because of money or location, then buy conventional and don’t let anyone guilt trip you for that.

Posted 10 months ago
I am so thankful I found your blog! I used to follow you before and was very excited when I discovered you still had a blog but now I'm even more happy that I found it because of your helpful advice and delicious sounding recipes. You, among many others I followed helped me to fix my diet & now I've been a vegetarian for 6 months. Eating healthier has still always been a challenge for me but with your tips it seems so much easier! I will definitely be using your recipes, thank you so much!
xsassqueen asked

This is the kind of message that makes it all worth it!
Congratulations, and good luck on your journey! xxx

Posted 10 months ago
Is there any recipes/websites/apps you'd recommend for smoothies? Right now I'm just kinda dumping random fruit, yogurt, almond milk, coco, and flax seeds in a blender. I'm trying to eat better but it's mostly for weight loss
samanthasick-deactivated2014042 asked

Yup! Check the question right below this one for the link to my favourite smoothie recipe site :)

Posted 11 months ago
I can't seem to get over the "ew it's green" thinking with green smoothies. I am probably just being a little bitch because I've never tried one but I think my prob is I just don't want to taste it in my smoothie. I have no problem at all eating kale/spinach etc on the regular but it's just not a flavor I think id like to drink. Help? Can you direct me to some recipes that are not overpoweringly green tasting green smoothies?
Anonymous asked

I’m with you, I felt the same way and avoided them for years because of it.
I started out using spinach. You can pack quite a lot in there before you even begin to taste it. Spirulina is also something I can add a tsp or two without it affecting the flavour.
Just make whatever is your usual favourite, and add a handful of spinach. As long as your base recipe is strongly flavoured, you won’t taste it.
I like for ideas.
This one is a pretty safe bet for a green smoothie-phobe.

Posted 11 months ago
Hey Frances.. I wanted to inquire about wheat/gluten foods, are they that bad for you, and/or should you avoid them, only have the stuff here and there, or not worry about it?
Anonymous asked

They aren’t inherently ‘bad’ for you. Unless you have a diagnosed intolerance or allergy, there isn’t any evidence to suggest you steer clear of them.
They do make your body work a little harder in the digestive process, but that’s ok.
Unless your body is all ‘what is this poison?? Error! Error!’… enjoy in moderation.

Posted 1 year ago
I recently started making fresh juices and smoothies everyday. I usually only do fruits and vegetables and a smidge of water, but I was gifted with a package of maca powder. Would you recommend adding it in to smoothies, and if so, how much and how often? Love this blog!
Anonymous asked

Yes, I love Maca powder in smoothies! It has a malty, nutty sort of flavour… I usually add anywhere between 1 and 3 tsp, depending on the other flavours I have going on.

Posted 1 year ago
Apples and squash are about to be in season. Can you reccomend some great recipes with those foods that youve tried and really like? I love love love butternut squash and honey crisp apples :p
justapiercer asked

Squash isn’t something I tend to get too fancy with. I usually roast it or stuff it.
Same with apples, I generally eat them as is, throw them in a smoothie, or cut them up in a fruit salad.
I do like a nice apple pie though.
Sorry, that wasn’t very helpful!

Posted 1 year ago
Do you use protein powder at all? If so, which brand? Most seem to contain whey.
devilbones asked

I use Nutiva for basic hemp protein, and Sunwarrior make some nice blends. I also like the Vega energizing mixes.

Posted 1 year ago
Recently, raw Spinach and kale in juice and smoothie form gives me terrible stomach pain, like I chugged ice cold water, but it lasts for hours! It's crippling. I saw my doctor, and she said it's because it contains oxalic acid. I've replaced the greens with spirulina, parsley and lettuce which are easier to digest. Do you have any tips that could help me get a more nutritional bang without my leafy greens?
Anonymous asked

You’d have to be more specific. It depends on the nutritional bang you’re looking for.
I just started adding a tablespoon of molasses to mine, for the calcium & iron, for example.